Router asus com is your web address for asus router login. If you are trying to reach this address make sure you are connected with asus router to access When trying asus router setup make sure you are connected hardwire to the router to your computer. For initial setup always use ethernet for asus router setup to visit asus router login page.

Asus Router Login

Asus router login page can be displayed by visiting If you are not able to log in to asus router you need to follow these steps-

  1. Power Cycle your Modem.
  2. Power cycle your router.
  3. Remove and turn off your Existing router to avoid confliction.
  4. Modem is connected to asus router’s Internet Port.
  5. You are trying right asus router login address-
  • login
  • http//
  • setup
  • http //
  • Login

Asus Router setup can be performed using asus router default IP address which is Before you access your router make sure you are connected to wireless network. One of these-



Once connected you can proceed with login. Some times it is hard to access asus router page. When you try to reach asus routet login page it may show you this error-

“Asus router page cannot be displayed”

  • You can easily resolve this by restarting your PC and checking the connection with asus router. 
  • Make sure you have solid Power light on the asus router. 
  • Internet Light should be green or white blinking or solid. If don’t see the same lights restart you internet modem.
  • Try to change the browser. Use internet explore or Edge for optimal results.

http // Quick Internet Setup(QIS)

If you cannot setup internet on your asus router, use QIS to configure internet on asus router.

You need to access asus router login page by typing in the address bar Now you need to click on create a new network. If you don’t see this page you need to reset you asus router.

How to Reset Asus Router?

Remove all the cables from the asus router. Only power should be plugged in. Look for reset Pinhole button on the router. Now press and hold it for 10-15 seconds. Power light will start blinking. Power light may changed to Amber or Red. If the power light on asus router is amber, just wait for 3-5 minutes to complete the reset process. If the light goes red, simply restart your asus router. Turn it off and wait for 15 seconds and turn it back on. 
In some cases there is not Light on the router. In that case you can turn it off and reset it again. Use Paper clip or Pin. Don’t use any other object which can defect the reset button.

Once you’re done with the reset you can login again to your asus router. Click create new network. Quick inter setup will start detecting your internet connection type.

It can be Dynamic IP, PPPoE,  PPTP or L2TP. You can always ask your ISP about your connection type and obtain all recommended information related to your internet connection type. If QIS fails to detect you internet, you can manually setup internet on Asus router.


Now your Internet is setup on the asus router. Lets setup Wireless and admin settings on asus router. 

After QIS you will get a page asking to configure you Asus router network. Name your wireless and make sure you are not using the name which you have already used or using. Wireless name and password on asus router should be unique.

Now you will be on the login information setup page. Here you need to assign a administrator name and password to access login page.

Asus Router Default admin password is- password or admin.  

Configure ROG gaming Centre on asus

ROG gaming center gives you access to check and control Network.  Check worldwide gaming ping servers or instant access to all new games available.

You can control all these-

Network Ping- To check the latency of your ping for better online gaming experience.

Game Radar- Gives Ping information worldwide.

Asus Router AiProtection Pro

AiProtection pro provides you real time monitoring about malwares, spyware and unwanted access. 

Filter all unprotected files, websites or apps.

Schedule your Network devices and control bandwidth on each device.

How to configure AiProtection on asus Router

From your Dashboard Go to General>Aiprotection Pro.

Click Network Protection.

Click Scan and it will display router security assessment.

Blocking Malicious Sites on Asus

This feature will restricts malicious or selected websites.

How to enable Sites Blocking?

From your Dashboard Go to General>Aiprotection Pro.

Click Network Protection.

Click Malicious Sites blocking pane, click ON

How to setup Web & Apps Filters ? SOLVED

Web and apps filters is your Parental control on asus router. You can block Websites and applications like facebook, netflix, whatsapp and more.

From your Dashboard Go to General>Aiprotection Pro.

Click Parental Controls and go to Tab.

Now enable Web apps filter, click ON

Click agree to continue.

Choose the device on the client list for parental control.

Under Content category, choose filters from 4 different options.

Click + to add client profile.

Hit Apply


Asus Router VPN

You need to access login page to setup VPN on asus router.

On Asus Router Dashboard, go to General>VPN.

Enable PPTP VPN Server, select ON.

Go to VPN Details> Advance Settings.

Fill all required fields such as MPPE encryption, and IP address range.

Select Yes on Network Place support.

Create Username and password.

Hit Apply.

How to use WPS on asus router?

Wifi protected setup on asus router allows you to connect to other wireless devices by just pressing WPS button or option on both device.

You can also use PIN Code method or by log into asus router login page http //

Enable WPS on wireless network-

Go to advance settings>Wireless>WPS tab.

Turn slider to ON and enable it.

You can individually select 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency for WPS.

Select Push Button or Client PIN.

Start WPS to connect.

How to setup asus RT Series routers? 


Cannot Login to


Asus router login not working?