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Quick Installation Guide for Asus Router Login

With high quality antenna connected to these Asus router comes with 802.11ac Wireless technology at minimum. In order to share and access a local hard drive the router also gives an option of connecting a hard drive via a USB port found on the back panel of the router ,you can easily share or access files and data from locally or remote location. It is advised to install the router at the centre of the location or the house to get reception throughout rather than sticking it to a corner. Along with the USB ports the routers are also integrated with minimum of four Ethernet ports for connecting devices via a RJ-45 cable like Computers, Play Stations, Cameras, DVR. The WPS (WI-FI Protected Setup) button on the Asus Router helps connecting the devices easily by not going through any password prompts.

To the start with installation:

  1. Connect the removable antennas to the router screwing them their ports.
  2. Connect the power cable to an AC socket; connect the power adapter to the wall.
  3. Connect the Ethernet port coming from the Internet Service Providers provided modem to the WAN or INTERNET port on the back panel of the Asus Router.
  4. Now, we should at least see three lights on the router the Power, Internet, LAN port 1 if there is another Ethernet cable connecting to the LAN port 1 running to the computer we will use for further configuration.
  5. Personalising the router further can be done in many ways :
  6. Via a Computer: The computer which is hardwired to the router, open an internet browser like IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Enter the URL of the router page that is or the IP address of the router on the address bar that is .Now on the welcome screen go through the setup process like by assigning names and passwords for your 2G or 5G networks. The 2G wireless frequency will give good connection speed even if the device is far away from the router where the 5G wireless frequency almost gives double of the speed of the 2G network but is effective at closer distances.
  7. Via Asus App.: Download the Asus Router Application on phone via any play store on the I-phone and app store on the android version of operating system. Now connect the phone to the Asus wireless network and open the application. The application will automatically detect the new router on the network and take you the setup process the same way in Via Computer Option. The application also gives you complete access to the router settings and you can even view the real time reports of data usage and the devices connected. The parental control feature of the router will give the authority to assign restrictions of different level on devices like to hours of access to internet, control over kind of website one have access to and so on.


Now connect all the devices on by one to the new Asus Network WI-FI name that shows up on the networks list. One can even change the channels of the wireless network from the Asus Dashboard depending upon the construction of the location it is installed.


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